Food Truck & Trailers

Our Food Trailers & Truck info 

Full Catering Kitchen:
This is our 28ft full commercial kitchen on wheels which is able to be used in the middle of a corn field " which we have done many times " as well as outside a city venue. This is a full service kitchen which consists of a double stack convection oven, 8 top gas burner stove, 2 deep fryers, deli make table, full concession window, full refrigerator & freezer, 3 bay sink with separate hand washing sink with hot water tank, 24" char grill, 300 Lb capacity wood burning rotisserie smoker and its all powered by it's own generator. So no electric hookups needed or water supply on your end. It's fully sustainable on its own which gives us the ability to provide a fresher product for your event as we can prepare your whole menu on site.
The First / Original Catering Trailer:
This trailer is the one that has been with us since the beginning and is still proving it's usefulness and why it should not be forgotten. We have done many events by using the 3 concession window's which gives us 12 ft of shelf space which is used for wedding horsdeorves, selling our grilled panini sandwiches at the fair or providing a full service buffet that is able to be served directly from the trailer. 

Latest Addition: Grilled Panini Trailer:
This is our newest trailer that has proven to be a great blessing. It is our Grilled Panini trailer which has given us the ability to expand our grilled panini offerings from just our original 2 kinds of buffalo chicken & pulled pork to now be able to provide smoked Carolina turkey, chicken asiago, beef brisket, turkey pesto and also the room to better store items and also serve guest's more efficiently. It consists of a full deli case that guest's can see the choices being offered, 4 commercial panini grills, 100 Lb capacity wood fired smoker, 24" wood burning char grill, 2 deep fryers, full sink as well as water supply and hot water tank. Full service generator to power all that is needed. This trailer will be used not just for festivals and fairs but we also see it at fundraisers, graduation parties, Wedding receptions for an add on with late night snacks & also for companies to treat there employees to Lunch & Dinner options.  

Ice Cream Truck:
Soon To Be Here is our newest addition of our Ice Cream Truck. This will have to ability to offer soft serve custard, milkshakes, smoothies, sundaes as well as do some BBQ, Fresh cut fries, grilled panini's as well Homemade Soups for the winter months. This truck will also be used not just for festivals and fairs but we also see it at fundraisers, graduation parties, Wedding reception add on for an Ice cream option & also for companies to treat there employees to a mid day treat.